Sylprotec’s kit no. 4 is an easy choice.

If you are a contractor in Quebec and you need to choose a model of kit, first-aid kit and well then Sylprotec’s No. 4 is certainly a choice to consider.

This model has many advantages such as:

It’s well thought out content with extras that people always need.

A case large enough to add first aid items needed for your industry.

Compression bandages made of stretch gauze with an absorbent part of first quality non-adherent quality on top of that. Basically, it fits well and the wound is not likely to stick to the dressing when it has to be removed.

The extra dressing alone makes your life easier. It’s often small cuts and drier dressing means you don’t have to worry about supplies.

The possibility of installing it vertically on a wall

It gives the look of a pharmacy while remaining mobile.

The metal design ensures its longevity.

And even a replacement content (TR04C).

Here are the contents:

1 first-aid booklet;

1 pair of bandage scissors;

12 safety pins;

1 pair of splinter forceps;

3 plastic eye patches;

3 oval eye compresses;

25 benzalkonium chloride antiseptic swabs;

100 plastic adhesive bandages, 2 cm X 7.5 cm;

100 fabric adhesive bandages 2.2 cm x 7.5 cm;

10 fabric adhesive bandages, knuckles bandages;

5 fabric adhesive bandages, fingertips size large;

6 triangular bandages;

4 pressure dressings, 10 cm;

4 sterile gauze pads, 5 cm X 5 cm;

12 sterile gauze pads, 7.5 cm X 7.5 cm;

25 sterile gauze pads 10 cm X 10 cm;

1 bag of instant cold, 4″ X 6″;

4 rolls of gauze, 5 cm. X 9.1 m;

2 rolls of gauze, 7.5 cm X 9.1 m;

4 rolls of gauze, 10 cm X 9.1 m;

2 rolls of hypoallergenic adhesive tape 2.54 cm X 9.1 m;

1 rescue blanket;

1 roll of elastic bandage 7.5 cm X 91 cm;

1 penlight with batteries;

5 pairs of nitrile gloves, wide.

This quality kit exceeds the minimum requirements of the province of Quebec. You will find other kit models as well as quality first aid equipment at Sylprotec. You can buy online or at their Saint-Leonard store. You’ll find a wide range of jackets, traffic sash, first aid posters and more.

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t.

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